Desolate Motorsports 2WD Beams




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We have been hard at work on our new fully fabricated 2WD I beams for Broncos and F150’s. These beams will fill a void in the industry for those wanting custom 2WD beams with some great design features. We are offer these beams both in stock width and 4.5″ over per side. They are designed to be used with a coil over shock and in conjuncture with our heimed radius arms that we already produce. Camber will be proper with a zero cam at approx 4-5″ of lift keeping the ball joint very linear. When there is no misalignment of the upper and lower ball joints the strength and longevity of the ball joints is greatly increased. These beams are designed to use Dana 44 knuckles. What does this mean? Dana 44 knuckles, hubs, and brakes are found on the 4WD Broncos and 4WD F150s in the 80’s and 90s and feature a much stronger design than 2WD F150 components. So, if you’re converting a Bronco or 4WD F150 to these beams, you already have all the right parts. If you’re installing these beams on a 2WD F150 then you will need to source used knuckles, hubs, brakes, and spindles from a 4WD. These parts are readily available in junk yards or we can also help you source if needed. Please contact us with any questions via phone or email.


  • Super beefy billet steel beam end
  • 3/16 steel construction with internal ribbing
  • 1″ FK uniball pivots w/ misalignment spacers
  • More proper geometry than traditionally modified 4WD housings
  • Unequal length designs uses stock pivot points
  • Travel 16 to 20 inches depending on shock configuration and width






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Vehicle Make

80-96 Bronco, 80-96 F150