Desolate Motorsports Level 3 TTB (Stock Width)


Note: A $500 core charge for beams is required for any customers who are not supplying a core. Product will ship once we receive your core.


We offer 4 different levels when it comes to a modified TTB on your Bronco or 4×4 F150. The Level 3 TTB remains stock width, is modified for camber correction, has plating added for strength, and beam pivots converted to 1″ uniballs. Replacing the pivot with a uniball gives the beam much more solid engagement in your pivot brackets, eliminates deflection and allows the beam to cycle larger travel numbers without prematurely wearing a stock rubber bushing. The difference between this and the Level 2 Beams is the truss that extends across both sides of the differential on the driver side beam. We also open up the window on the passenger beam to prevent the axle shaft from contacting the beam at full droop. This is recommended for Broncos and 4×4 F150s with increased wheel travel looking for better range of articulation and a stronger beam than stock.

Note: Order any Beam Package and Radius Arms at the same time and we will weld on radius arm mounts in house at no extra charge.


  • Corrects camber on raised Broncos and F150s
  • Plating adds strength
  • Full Truss
  • Better range of articulation
  • Stock Width

What’s Included:

  • Modified Drivers Side Beam (1)
  • Modified Passenger Side Beam (1)
  • FK 1″ Uniballs (Pair)
  • C-Clips (Pair)

Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 13 × 13 in