4″ Stage 2 Mid Travel “All In” Combo


This stage 2 kit raises your Bronco 4” and increases wheel travel to 11” with new radius arms, shocks, and coils for a solid front mid-travel setup.

Note: Core charge of $500 for beams is included in price.


This package is the best of what we bring to the table for coil spring mid travel, 4″ lift set up. The front kit includes our Stage 2 TTB housings with camber correction modification performed, we form and weld 3/16 steel plating to all vulnerable areas of the beam and replace the stock urethane bushings for stainless steel 1″ uniballs. Replacing the pivot with a uniball gives the beam much more solid engagement in your pivot brackets, eliminates deflection and allows the beam to cycle larger travel numbers without prematurely wearing a stock rubber bushing. Beam mods also include an integrated bash guard and mini truss. Dual Fox 2.0 shocks paired with 4” lift coils, adjustable alignment cams, front stainless steel extended brake lines, and front limit straps. Even though this system is still considered mid travel it is ready to take a beating.  In the rear, were going all in with our Complete Rear Suspension Package. Deaver Q80 leaf springs with our fabricated hanger and extended shackle, Our long travel sway bar kit with billet sway bar arms, Upper and lower rear shock mounts pairs with  Fox 12″ x 2.0 reservoir shocks provide  17″ of vertical wheel travel.  Also included in this package is new 5/8″ dia U bolts, spring perches, HD U bolt plates.

Lastly because were going “ALL IN” This package includes our Complete steering upgrade and HD replacement ball joints. This steering upgrade will replace every single wearable part on your steering. Desolate Motorsports Saginaw conversion pump kit is a complete pump conversion that include fabricated bracket, Saginaw pump, DM branded Billet pulley, all new lines, hoses and a serpentine belt. You will also receive our HD tie rod kit, Reman Ford gear box and New precision Borgeson intermediate steering shaft.

This setup would be a super easy upgrade to Long Travel down the road

Install Labor starting at $4000.

Note: The dual fox option is a 2.0 body with reservoir for the main shock and auxiliary fox is standard 2.0 without reservoir.

Vehicle must have factory dual shock coil bucket if choosing dual shock option.

Rear Deaver springs are not recommended for towing or heavy loads.

All vehicles require alignment after lift install.

Please call or email for more info.


  • Approx. 4” of lift
  • Front Wheel Travel 12”
  • Rear Wheel Travel 17″
  • Better front end articulation than stock
  • Clears 35” tire
  • Easy upgrade to coil over system down the road

What’s Included:

  • Stage 2 TTB work with added plating, integrated bash guard, Uniball pivot conversion
  • Desolate Motorsports High Clearance Radius Arm with 1.25″ FK JMX series heims, Frame brackets, Cross bar, and hardware
  • Mild Drop Pitman Arm (1)
  • 4” Lift Coil (2)
  • Fox 2.0 Shocks (Set)
  • Alignment cams (2)
  • Desolate Front Stainless Brake Hose Kit (Pair)
  • Limit Strap (2)
  • Desolate Motorsports Sway Bar Kit (1)
  • Leaf Spring Choice and Shackle Combo w/ Fabricated Shackle Hangers (Pair)
  • Desolate Motorsports Front Spring Mount (Pair)
  • Desolate Motorsports Upper and Lower Rear Shock Mount Combo (1)
  • Stainless Extended Rear Brake Line (1)
  • Rear Fox 2.0 12″ Shocks (Pair)
  • Leaf Spring Perches
  • U-Bolts
  • U-Bolt Plates
  • Weld-on Bump Pads
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Saginaw Power Steering Pump Conversion
  • HD Tie Rod Kit
  • Remanufactured Steering Box
  • Borgeson Steering Shaft
  • (4) HD ball joints

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 22 × 22 in
Vehicle Make

80-96 4×4 F150, 80-96 Bronco