Welcome to Desolate Motorsports. We were founded in 2002 by Greg Gilbert. Greg’s hobby of customizing cars turned into what is now known as Desolate Motorsports. The shop is composed of a team of well rounded & talented group of individuals. They can build, customize, fabricate, weld, or fix just about anything. Whether your dreams are to race the Baja 1000, or just cruising to the local car show in style. The team at Desolate has the knowledge and skill to get it done, and get it done right the first time.
  • Roll Cages, Bumpers, Shock Mounts
  • Lift Kits
  • Long Travel Suspension
  • Daily drivers to race winning off-road race trucks
  • Tires and Wheels
  • Brake and suspension upgrades
  • Custom header fabrication
  • Air bags
  • Project consulting
  • Modern engine/trasnsmission swaps
Curtis Walker’s 1995 Bronco
We Built this 1995 bronco for Curtis. We designed and fabricated the chassis at Desolate Motorsports. It features a full tube back half, Sway bars front and rear keep it stable and 37" tires get it enough ground clearance to take on anything the California desert or Baja can throw at it.
1970 Ford F-100
This 1970 Ford F-100 features a rear cantilever suspension. It has had some serious suspension upgrades Most notably the modifications are all hidden under bed of truck. No shocks or parts protrude from the bed.
Ed Irving's land speed racing car
We designed this car for land speed racing. This land speed car falls into the category of a rear engine modified roadster. This car sports a 250 cubic inch inline 6 engine. It runs on a methanol / alcogol mix and produces over 700 horsepower. The suspension consists of custom made king shocks designed by Greg. It is designed to race on salt flats such as El Mirage and Bonneville.
Brian Cox’s Ford Ranger
We made this Ford Ranger a monster. Sitting on 37″ Goodyear’s, it has a 90″ track width. With custom A arms up front and 4 link in the rear it takes a Fox coil over and a bypass shock at each corner to keep the suspension in control. We installed a c4 trans behind a slightly modified ford 4.0 SOHC v6, it all links to a massive tube works rear end.
Jamie Mote’s 1976 CJ 7
Jamie Moats 1976 CJ 7 came in well used. Jamie purchased it from a friend who challenged him to actually finish it. With our help, Jamie did just that. The results are elegant yet powerful. We took in this ride in for over a year.
We love to showcase exceptional vehicles that we have worked on. The vehicles showcased on our site represent both work we completed in house and work we completed partnering with other experts. Our team specializes in both upgrades from stock parts and custom fabrication. Our work has been featured in places such as UTV Underground and Four Wheeler. These vehicles are just a few examples of our craftsmanship. We will be adding more vehicles every month, We hope to see your vehicle on there soon. Click on a slide to view more information about each project. You can also head to our Featured Vehicles page If you have a vehicles that you would like us to help you with contact us.
Henderson 250
The Henderson "250" presented by, is the last race of the season and this race will decide our 2014 Class Champions. We'd like to welcome as our new presenting sponsor and always, the Great City of Henderson.
La-Barstow to Vegas ride
Join us for the 31st annual LA-Barstow Vegas Dual Sport and Adventure Bike Ride. This event draws riders from all over the globe. it delivers beautiful scenery; a variety of terrain and great camaraderie with friends.
District 37 Big 6
The 2014 District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix Series. December 6th and 7th.
Rovers MC - Last Desert Race
The Last Desert Race if the season. Pays Desert Points.
Bishop 3 Day Ride
Desolate Motorsports is committed to the off-road community and racing at all levels. We have raced every major off-road race in North America. Greg, the owner of Desolate Motorsports, is an avid dirt bike enthusiast and racer. While we don’t work on dirt bikes we attend many AMA District 37 and National Hare and Hound races. We support SCORE International events in the US and Mexico, The Best In The Desert (BITD) in Nevada and Arizona, SCTA Land speed events, racing for top speeds at El Mirage and Bonneville and even do a little road racing with Chump Car and Lemons.   Click on a slide or visit our events page to see what events we will be attending next. We hope to see you there.
Looking for commercial fabrication? We also provide these services. Head to our sister site: Desolate Fabrication or contact us to find out more.