Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look at the sections below to find the answers you’re looking for. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help!


Last updated: June 2024

1. General FAQ


2. Suspension FAQ


3. Steering FAQ


4. CORE Charge FAQ


1. General FAQ

Do you guys work on vehicles?

As our product line and dealer networks continue to grow we have decieded to throttle back on in shop builds. This has been done to decrease our production times and increase the support we provide our dealers. You can look at our dealer locator to find an authorized dealer in your area or feel free to shoot us an email.

Do you sell pre-built Broncos?

No sorry this is not our business model

Do you have any dealers in my area?

Click on our dealer locator here

Where are your products made?

USA baby

How long have you been in business?

Desolate Motorsports was founded in 2002

What year Bronco should I buy?

So the short answer, is newer the better in our opinion. The last year of the  good body style is 1996 so we always gravitate towards 95 or 96's. These years came with better internals in the transmissions, more sophisticated fuel injection / ECM and we just like the 92 to 96 body style the best. You may like the looks of an older Bick or Bull nose style which is fine too but the older ones have can have older style fuel injection or carburators and they may not have overdrive transmissions. Luckily the chassis is virtually the same through the 80's and 90's so almost all of our products fit all of them

Can I buy individual products from kits?

Yes, just about everything you see in a complete kit is available individually we just bundle it too make your lift easier

2. Suspension FAQ

What is TTB?

TTB stands for Twin Traction Beam. It is a very unique hybrid suspension system that was only available on select Ford vehicles. Traditional I-beam suspension was released by Ford in the mid-'60s and provided unparalleled toughness in comparison to A-arm trucks of the era and much better ride qualities than solid axle trucks, but the original I-beam suspension was only available in 2WD. In 1980, Ford released the first 4-wheel drive I-beam suspension, the TTB. There were 3 versions of TTB suspension over the years: Dana 35 TTB (Rangers, Bronco II's, and Explorers), Dana 44 (all half-ton F-150's and Broncos), and Dana 50 (F-250 trucks). No other vehicle manufacturer has ever used this type of suspension.

Why do some people say TTB suspension is bad?

Improper use and modification can lead to bad press. Over the years, people would lift these trucks and Broncos with large I-beam pivot drop brackets, causing frame and crossmember flex, leading to unpredictable alignment, handling characteristics, and less than ideal tire wear. Massively offset wheels and too large of tires exaggerate these issues. Our products keep the TTB within proper parameters, focusing on proper geometry and reasonable wheel offset/tire size. You can always contact us to discuss specifics about your build and determine if TTB or a straight axle conversion is a better option for you.

Why do all of your front-end kits not run front sway bars?

I-beam suspension and sway bars never really worked. Most Ford trucks with I-beams never came with sway bars at all. The sway bar just binds everything up and isn't very effective. We focus on counteracting sway with spring design and shock valving specific to our kits, providing a sporty feeling suspension system that still rides and handles great. We do offer a race-inspired rear sway bar that has been one of our best-selling products.

What is wheel travel?

Wheel travel is the amount of motion your suspension is able to move. Most of our kits focus on increasing wheel travel, improving vehicle articulation and handling.We try to process orders as quickly as possible, but if you need to modify or cancel your order, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible. We'll do our best to accommodate your request.

What is caster and camber?

Caster is not a visual aspect of alignment. From the side profile of the vehicle, if you were to draw a line through the upper and lower ball joints, this angle in relationship to the ground plane is your "Caster." Negative or not enough caster makes steering very easy but hard to keep straight. Too much caster makes the vehicle drive very straight and relaxed but hard to turn. 


We focus heavily on proper caster angles, with a few degrees increase over stock being the sweet spot. Caster numbers are relative to the ground plane; suspension height can affect caster angle. Ideally, set vehicles up with a level stance. Camber is the angle from the top and bottom of the tire, perpendicular to the ground (Positive camber is out at the top, negative is out at the bottom). Aim to keep the tire flat to the ground for maximum surface area and best tire wear.

Why do you convert the beam pivot bushings to a Uni Ball spherical bearing?

The factory beam pivot bushing is made of rubber and is stressed during suspension motion. Factory TTB suspension had about 8" of wheel travel; our kits can more than double this. Increased wheel travel pushes the factory rubber bushing past its operating range, transferring the load to the beam pivot bracket, causing failures and premature wear. Upgrading to a 1" diameter spherical bearing eliminates this issue and deflection, ensuring true driving. Upgrading to Uni Ball pivots allows upgrading the pivot bolt from 9/16" factory size to a larger 5/8" diameter grade 8 bolt.

Why would I want billet aluminum arms over steel ones?

Billet aluminum and high clearance steel radius arms do the same thing and are dimensionally the same. Both are strong, use the same heim joints, pivot brackets, and hardware. Billet aluminum versions are lighter and add a visual element to your suspension.

What is a coil-over shock?

A coil-over shock is a type of shock absorber with a coil spring around it. Factory TTB suspension has separate coil springs and shocks. Coil-over shocks allow for a longer shock/spring combo, increasing wheel travel. Coil-over shocks offer ride height adjustability, are fully rebuildable, and revalvable.

What is a bypass shock?

A bypass shock is position-sensitive and externally adjustable. It can be fine-tuned and has specific zones for adjustments. It rides well around ride height and gets stiffer near bottoming out, acting like an internal bump stop. These advantages are mostly noticed at higher speeds and not as much when driving slow.

What leaf springs are best for my application?

Coming soon...

What is better: straight axle conversion or TTB suspension?

TTB best usage: Mild or moderate off-road trails, desert whoops, best on-road ride quality and drivability. Straight axle conversion best usage: Aggressive rock crawling, mudding, desire for tires larger than 37", desire for lift higher than 6".

3. Steering FAQ

I replaced all of my steering components and my truck is still all over the road?

99% of the time, it's not the steering! It's usually caused by movement or flex in the suspension parts or the frame. Typically caused by worn pivot bushings or flex in aftermarket lift kit drop brackets.

4. CORE Charge FAQ

What are core charges?

We modify some factory components for our kits and charge a "core." After you receive your order and install it, you can send us back the factory TTB housings or steering gearbox for a full refund.

Why do you charge core charges?

These pieces are not replicable aftermarket, so we need factory ones back to continue to modify.

I'm not sure if my cores are in good enough shape to be accepted, what do I do?

Cores have to be in decent condition (not bent or previously modified, no cancerous rust). If you're unsure, email us a picture before sending.

How do I ship my cores back?

TTB beams are awkward to box and ship. Slide the smaller beam inside the larger one, tape them together, and wrap in cardboard or bubble wrap. Include your original order #, name, and phone number in the packaging.

Who pays the shipping on core returns?

You do. We can email you a shipping label and deduct the cost from your return, or you can ship them back through your favorite carrier.

Do you guys buy core beams and other parts?

Yes! We are always looking to purchase TTB beam housings and steering gearboxes. Contact and let us know what you have. Including pictures in the initial email is good practice.