Desolate Motorsports Bronco/F150 4x4 "Super Duty" Straight Axle Conversion Kit

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$2,875.99 - $6,659.99
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Cross Over Style Steel Tube Cross Over
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We have been hard at work and our 4 wheel drive straight axle conversion for the 80-96 Broncos and F150s now available for purchase. This system will utilize an 05-16 Ford Super duty Dana 60 axle and performance coil over shocks. The kit will provide 4 to 8" of lift giving your vehicle much better ground clearance for rock crawling and trail applications. To match the front lug pattern you will need to have the rear converted to match the 8 lug front axle. We recommend a 35" or 37" tire to pair with this conversion kit. Larger tires will require some trimming. I

Note: Stock Bronco front driveshaft can be utilized by using our conversion U-joint, however applications lifted 8" or higher may need a custom drive line or transfer case indexing ring/cross member modification. We have sources for axles depending on the year and condition that range from $1500-$2000 for both. Please contact the shop with any questions. FAQ: What parts do you need to supply?

  • Complete 2005-2016 Ford F-250 or F-350 front axle including brakes.
  • Stock steering/tie rods and drag links from same truck
  • Rear axle to match 8 lug pattern on front axle


  • 4-8" of Lift
  • Better for rock crawling and trail applications
  • Track width increased approx. 4"
  • 8 Lug Wheel Pattern


Vehicle Make 80-96 Bronco, 80-96 4x4 F150

2.5x12" King Coil Over Shocks with Remote Reservoir (Pair)

Desolate Motorsports Shock Tower (Straight Axle Specific Version)

Cross Member Reinforcement Bracket

Custom Track Bar

Adjustable Radius Arm System (Pair)

1.25" Chromoly Hiems Joints (Pair)

Radius Arm Pivot Brackets (Pair)

Limit Straps (Pair)

Conversion U-Joint

Extended Front Brake Lines

Pitman Arm

Necessary Hardware