Desolate Motorsports 6" Stage 2 Lift Kit "BETTER" Combo

SKU DES-01015-2-1
$5,700.99 - $7,668.99
This combo kit raises your Bronco 6” with new radius arms, shocks, and coils for a solid lift kit setup. Note: Core charge o... Read more
This combo kit raises your Bronco 6” with new radius arms, shocks, and coils for a solid lift kit setup. Note: Core charge of $500 for... Read more
Beam Choice Level 2 TTB Upgrade
Radius Arm Style Billet Aluminum Radius Arms
Shock Package Single 5100
Break & line style
This option is required
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Again we paired popular front and rear kits together to make your life easier. This kit starts out with two big upgrades over the 4" Daily Combo with Fox 2.0 shocks instead of the 5100s and the Deaver Q80 leaf springs instead of Trail Runner Springs. Doing these upgraded components can make for a more performance oriented ride, more flexibility and by already purchasing the Deaver Q80 spring in the rear, upgrading to long travel down the road is easier. Shock options for this kit, like mentioned are Fox 2.0 or Bilstein 5100 series. To get the full 6" of lift we also include a set of our 2" drop beam pivots. Choose from our High Clearance or Billet Radius Arms with high quality 1.25″ heim joints to include with the Level 1 TTB Beam housings that have been modified for camber correction and have mild plating added in vulnerable areas. Front and rear stainless steel extended brake lines, front limit straps, drop pitman arm and adjustable alignment cams are all included. The Deaver Q80 9 leaf progressive leaf spring with our extended shackle provides a progressive 3-4″ of lift over stock depending on the vehicle weight. Rear shocks mount in stock mounts and new axle perches are included for recommended re-indexing the pinion angle. This lift kit is capable of 11” of front wheel travel and 16" in the rear while cycling a 35 or 37” tire.

Note: The dual fox option is a 2.0 body with reservoir for the main shock and auxiliary fox is standard 2.0 without reservoir. Vehicle must have factory dual shock coil bucket if choosing dual shock option. Rear Deaver springs are not recommended for towing or heavy loads. All vehicles require alignment after lift install. Please call or email for more info.


  • Approx. 6” of lift
  • Front Wheel Travel 11”
  • Rear Wheel Travel 14"
  • Progressive 2.5" wide rear leaf spring
  • Better articulation and stronger than stock
  • Clears 35-37” tire
Vehicle Make 80-96 Bronco, 80-96 4x4 F150
  • Desolate Motorsports Level 1 TTB modification (camber correction, basic plate work, radius arm brackets welded)
  • Choice of Radius Arms (Set)
  • Lift Coil (Pair)
  • Billet Coil Spring Spacers (Set)
  • Drop Radius Arm Frame brackets and hardware
  • 2" Drop Beam Pivots (Pair)
  • Shocks of Front Choice (2-4)
  • Full Drop Pitman Arm (1)
  • Alignment cams (Pair)
  • Extended Front Brake Line (Pair)
  • Limit Strap (2)
  • Q80 Leaf Spring (Pair)
  • Q80 Urethane Bushings Kit (Set)
  • Fabricated Shackle Hangers (Pair)
  • Extended Shackle (Pair)
  • Choice of Rear Shocks (Pair)
  • Extended Rear Brake Line
  • U-Bolts (Set)
  • U-bolt Plates (2)
  • Weld On Bump Pads (2)
  • Rear Axle Perch (2)
  • All Necessary Hardware

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