Desolate Motorsports Leaf Spring Bushing Pack

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    Made in the USA

The 80-96 Ford Bronco came from the factory with 3" wide rear leaf springs, over the years it has been found that 2.5" wide leaf springs perform better. These bushings are wider than normal to allow 2.5" springs (such as the Deaver Q80) to fit where 3" springs were designed to go. The kit comes complete with 4 urethane bushings, steel sleeves, 9/16 grade 8 hardware and step collars. This kit is also a great upgrade if your Q80 springs came with vulcanized style stock rubber bushings. The thick head urethane bushing allows more flexibility, leading to better performance and spring articulation. 


  • Larger head urethane bushings
  • Grade 8 hardware
  • Bushings (4)
  • Sleeves (4)
  • Step Collars (2)
  • Hardware