Desolate Motorsports V562 Spring Pack

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    Made in the USA

Working with the industry leader in spring manufacturing, Deaver Spring, we have developed a new reversed eye leaf spring and shackle setup for the hardcore Bronco enthusiast. This for customers who already have our rear components looking to upgrade to the heavier duty spring pack. In order to mount these springs you'll need our fabricated hanger, extended shackles, U-Bolts, and fabricated front spring mount. This spring is capable of up to 18″ of rear wheel travel with proper shock configuration. The reversed eye design has allowed us to gain arch in the spring while keeping the ride height relatively low. This helps make the setup more resistant to bottom outs, axle wrap, and gain wheel travel numbers without leaf separation in the spring. Another major advantage to this system is less de-arch at bump. When a spring bottoms out and goes into a negative arch it slowly eats away at the springs static arch and integrity. Additionally, the spring over design does not impede your ground clearance as spring under setups do. This progressive leaf pack will sit at approximately 4-5″ of lift depending on how much weight your Bronco has and is intended for those with heavier loads like aftermarket rear bumpers, camping gear, roll cages, spares, tools, etc. (500-1000lbs)

Note: This kit does not include shocks or shock mounts. Check out our rear upper shock mount and shock section.


  • More arch than the Q80
  • Equipped to handle heavier vehicles
  • Stronger reverse eye design
  • 11 Leaf Pack
  • Better ground clearance than Spring Under setups
  • V562 Pack (Pair)
  • Bushings (Set)
  • Sleeves