NRG Steering Wheel Package

$289.99 - $499.99
Year 87-91
Wheel 2.5" Offset Alcantera Suede
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  • Made in the USA

    Made in the USA

Looking for a better grip while driving on and offroad? Look no further! Finally a simple and clean way to swap out your stock steering wheel and mount a premium NRG Innovations racing wheel or supply your own. This package comes with the hub, quick release, and racing wheel. While keeping a functioning horn, there are two depth options available for this product. The first option is pictured above and utilizes the 2.5" offset 14" diameter wheel in Alcantera Suede. This 2.5" offset option pushes the wheel about an inch closer to the driver for a more aggressive driving position and is offered in premium or Alcantera Suede. The second option uses only a 1" offset which will keep the wheel approximately in stock location. Option to supply your own steering wheel or if you have an existing one also available by using the standard 6 bolt style mount on the quick release, this application can be used with multiple other wheel manufacturers as well such as Momo and MPI.  The Generation 2.0 quick release is specially engineered with raised sections to prevent the scratching and stretching of the hub while a self locking feature adds increased safety and functionality.

Note: If your vehicle is equipped with an air bag from factory, it must be removed to install. This product is intended for off-highway uses only, and should be used for their intended purposes only.  Desolate Motorsports does not take responsibility for installation, modification, misuse and/or unusual stress of the products. The buyer assumes all responsibilities for determining the suitability of the products. Desolate Motorsports is not responsible for any damages incurred either directly or indirectly on the vehicles or operators/ passengers within the vehicles. Important, horn function will not work if your vehicle was equipped with an air bag.


  • No welding or modifications needed
  • Black Stitch
  • Aluminum Spoke 5mm
  • Luxury Reinforced Steering Wheel
  • One piece solid construction for the maximum in durability and usability in hub
  • Hub Adapter
  • Quick Release
  • Steering Wheel (If chosen)