Desolate Motorsports Stage 4 Front Long Travel Kit (Extended Width)

SKU DES-01047-1
$7,719.99 - $12,676.99
This Stage 4 kit for the front of your Bronco or F150 will lift the vehicle 3-5” with new radius arms and King coil over shocks... Read more
This Stage 4 kit for the front of your Bronco or F150 will lift the vehicle 3-5” with new radius arms and King coil over shocks. This kit... Read more
Engine Cross Over & Radius Arm Steel Tube Cross Over & High Clearance Radius Arms
Shock Choice No Shocks
Brake Line ABS Style
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The Desolate Motorsports Stage 4 Extended Width long travel kit provides 18” of wheel travel and will clear a 35 or 37” tire. We extend the beams 4.5" on each side and modify them to correct camber angles. Plating and uniballs are then installed for reinforcement and provide better articulation as the beam cycles through its travel. A mild drop pitman arm is provided to correct any extreme steering angles with the increase in ride height. Choose to included King's 2.5x12” coil over shocks that provide superior dampening with our spec'd valving and bolt into place using our Bronco front shock hoop with engine crossover. Also included are new alignment cams, our stainless steel extended brake line kit, and limit straps. Every kit comes standard with our bestselling High Clearance radius arms and Tube Engine Cross Over, however option to upgrade to our new Billet Aluminum radius arms and engine cross over is now available. Upgrading coil overs to internal bypass with compression adjusters or 3.0 diameter shock also available.

Note: Professional install is highly recommended to ensure optimum performance and safety. This kit requires fiberglass fenders and welding to install shock hoop/engine crossover. All vehicles require alignment after lift install. Beam core charge of $500 is included in price. If you supply us with a core in good condition we are happy to issue a refund for the core charge.


  • 3-5” of lift
  • Provides 18” of travel
  • Better front end articulation
  • TTB Plating and Uniball Pivots
  • Track width increase of 9"
  • High performance coil over suspension
  • Front shock configuration fits up to a 3.0x12" coil over
  • Coil overs include Desolate Motorsports spec'd valving
  • Clears up to 37” tire
Vehicle Make 80-96 F150, 80-96 Bronco

Desolate Motorsports Shock Hoops & Engine Crossover

Stage 4 TTB w/ Extended Axles Shafts (Pair)

4130 Chromoly Beam Pivots (Pair)

Desolate Motorsports Radius Arm Kit (Pair)

Radius Arm Crossmember (1)

King 2.5 or 3.0 Coil Over Shocks (If Chosen)

King 2.0x2.0 Bump Stops (If Chosen)

Mild Drop Pitman Arm (1)

Alignment cams (2)

Desolate Front Stainless Brake Hose Kit (1)

Limit Strap (2)

Frame Bracketry

All Necessary Hardware